Fremont teachers need your help
Mon, May 7 9:57pm
John Gomes Elementary

Dear Gomes Parents,

(The following is a message from a few Gomes parents who happen to be on the Gomes PTA executive board. While their views may not necessarily represent Gomes PTA as a whole, they believe their views will be shared by many of you.)

As we celebrate our teachers during Teachers and Staff Appreciation Week at Gomes, our teachers need your help. You may have seen Gomes teachers (and many teachers around Fremont) standing outside with signs, asking for your support, but you may not know why. Fremont teachers have been working without a contract since the beginning of this school year. Without a contract, teachers and the school district (FUSD) are not in agreement with how long teachers should work and how much teachers are paid (we all know they could use more money, as the cost of living increases everyday in Fremont). This means that teachers can decide to work “from bell to bell” and be unavailable to students and parents outside of regular school hours. This means that teachers can get paid more in neighboring cities and leave our school without teachers or with less experienced teachers. This means that there may be a possibility of a teachers’ strike in the future, which will leave students without an education for however many days the teachers and FUSD disagree.

What can we do as parents?

Go out and appreciate your teachers, not just this week, but always! Let's do what we can to support them.

Nelly Chong, Jessica Ramirez, and Christine Giardina


Gomes PTA Communications