Gomes 2018 Chinese Cultural Showcase and Craft sign up
Thu, Feb 22
John Gomes Elementary

Cheers to Chinese New Year! We envision Chinese (Lunar) New Year as a celebration for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the beauty and majesty of Chinese culture. This year, PTA is excited to bring a Chinese Cultural Showcase and Crafts to Gomes on Thursday, Feb 22, 2018. 


The showcase, with master artists traveling from China to perform at select American schools, will include two parts: 

(1)  Performance in hall (assembly-type) for Beijing shadow puppet show (30 min)

(2)  Open booths to explore hands-on craft and activities (i.e. paper cutting, chinese knots, woodblock prints, iron hoop rolling, chinese yo-yo, clay/dough modeling, etc) (30 min)


Grade 1,2,3 activities and show :  9:15 - 10:30am

Grade 4,5,6 activities and show :  1:15 - 2:35pm


Grade TK and K activities will be done in classrooms but they will join the morning show.


We are looking for parent and student volunteers to make this event successful: 

(1) Parent volunteers to set/clean up booths and stage, help kids on craft and activities, supervise queue lines, translate instructions, video and photo, etc.

(2) Student narrators to help introduce the show, crafts and activities.  


Please refer to the following link to sign up. Thanks!




We will hold a small info session to introduce the crafts and provide short training for those who signed up prior to the event (dates TBD).


Finally, we thank you for your support and wish everybody a happy, healthy, and prosperous year of the Dog.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to an unforgettable Lunar New Year celebration at Gomes.



Silvia Halim (silvia_halim@hotmail.com)

Exene Chen (exene_chen@yahoo.com)

Lei (qiqicat.pet@gmail.com)