Join the Cast of the GOMES PTA: Are you ready for a starring role?
Mon, Mar 26 10:27pm
John Gomes Elementary

Join the Cast of the GOMES PTA: Are You Ready for a Starring Role?

No production would be complete without its behind the scenes crew, support and financial backing, but without the producer, director, screenwriter and casting director, the film wouldn't even get off the ground! Our PTA is much like a film production in that way. We work together to diligently ensure that the GOMES staff and every student get the support they need. Through financial help, input and advice, marketing and communications, and school spirit events, we work to make every students experience at GOMES Elementary School the best it can be! 

It's Nominee Time! What part would you like to play?

  • Are you a born leader?
  • Are you great with fundraising ideas?
  • Are you a numbers whiz with a love of budgets?
  • Are you a communications and marketing guru?
  • Do you like to write and document progress?
  • Are you a real 'people person' who seems to know everyone?
  • Are you a good recruiter?
  • Do you have a passion for The Arts?
  • Are you great at entertaining and planning parties?

Whatever your talent, we have a role for you!

Although the start of the new production (the next school calendar year) may seem like many months away, it's the current board's obligation to help form an Executive Board and Chairs for the next year. And the process starts NOW! This year's Board members are moving up to a new production, so we'll be starting with a fresh cast for next year.

Isn't it time for you to have a big role in your child's school experience?

It's not a full time gig. Depending on what part you play, the time required of your talents can vary from occasional special appearances, to once a week on the set, to sporadic big scenes.

To read the script for a role, please contact The Nominating Committee at

No more waiting in the wings!  This is your year to take the spotlight!