MSJ Peer Resource Chipotle Fundraiser
Fri, Oct 20 4:00pm-8:00pm
Chipotle @Mowry
Time: ​4:00 PM- 8:00 PM
Day: Friday/Oct 20th/This evening
Location: Chipotle @ Mowry


​Come and support this worthy cause.. Please see the attached flyer.
Peer Resource is an organization and class on Mission San Jose High School’s campus. Peer Resource aims to support all of MSJHS students through 1:1 mentoring, group activities, class presentations, awareness campaigns, and campus wide activities. The class promotes positivity and happiness and supports students in times of need by providing a listening hear. The class is comprised of 34 students that are trained to support their peers through mentorship. Through activities, the class spreads awareness on topics that affect their peers and often raise funds for campus departments and local organizations. 
Peer Resource Programs:
BUDDY PROGRAM: The buddy program strives to reach out to individuals who are struggling or just need a little support and help. A student can be referred in numerous ways, by a teacher, parent, a friend, a peer mentor, or they can even refer themselves. After a student is referred, a peer mentor is assigned to work with them, and therefore becomes the student’s “buddy”. They will arrange meetings once a week or so during read to simply talk and give advice to the student. Peer mentors are trained to work with people, give advice, or just listen. These meetings are strictly confidential unless there is a serious problem. 

PEER HANGOUTPeer Hangout is a program that offers students a place to be and hangout during lunch. Peer Resource provides the student body a list of lunch time activities with peer mentors that anyone can join. This program strives to find students that are finding it difficult to find friends to sit with at lunch and gives them a place to be and potentially meet other students. 

PEER MEDIATIONPeer mentors are trained to resolve conflicts among their peers if necessary. At times, their buddies may bring up a conflict and the mentors can assist them in finding resolutions to their conflicts.  
Thank you,
Chitra Arunachalam
Parent Volunteer​