Order your Yearbook!!
Mon, Apr 9 3:42pm
John Gomes Elementary
Hello Parents,
As the yearbook team is working hard to create memories for you, don't miss the chance to buy your yearbook for the year 2017-18.
To access the Pre-order Page -

1. go to www.betteryearbook.com
2. click on the "ORDER YEARBOOK" menu at the top
3. choose your city and the school from the dropdown list and follow the instructions on the page.   Password for your school is - gophers     

 You still have a chance to get the same price.
Last day is APRIL 10 to buy your yearbooks for the same price:
$20 - Softcover 
$30 -Hardcover
All Late Orders will be until 5/5 which would be " ONLY SOFTCOVER - $40)
Yearbook Chair