PTA Newsletter for Week of 10/15
Sun, Oct 15 9:14pm
John Gomes Elementary

Greetings Gomes Parents!

This week, parents of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd graders will be able to come and have lunch with their students! Check the dates below. Lunch is from 12:00-12:20pm in Gomes Hall. Please come to the office to sign in and receive a visitor sticker before you go to Gomes Hall.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Get the Scoop, Join PTA!
Here are the top 5 classes on their way to getting an ice cream party! (as of 10/14)

  • K3 AM
  • K1 PM
  • 403
  • 407
  • 204

Help your class get the scoop and join today! Not sure if you joined for this school year yet? You can check if you received an email receipt from "" for school year 2017-2018.

We Are Looking for Volunteers!
There are a few events coming up that require parent volunteers. If you can dedicate some time during the day to help out, it would be appreciated! Coming up soon is the Book Fair and Red Ribbon Week. Also, if you are interested in becoming a Room Parent for your classroom or to volunteer with the classroom holiday parties, sign up on the Classroom Parents page!

You Can Still Donate to Gomes School's Fall Fundraiser!
Classrooms need your help too! By donating to Gomes School, you can help your student’s classroom get things such as field trips or supplemental learning materials. It is easy to donate online, and your employer may be able to match donations (you can check how to do so at Double the Donation).

FUSD Looking for South Asian / Middle Eastern Students for Committee
Ms. Anuja Konda is a member of the Office for Civil Rights at the District Office, and she is working with SURFBoardE to form a new committee of 5 to 8 South Asian and Middle Eastern elementary school students. For more information and how to sign up, view the announcement.

If you are no longer part of the Gomes School community or are receiving this email in error, please email Gomes PTA and we will remove you from the list.

Gomes PTA Communications