Student Council Presents: Fund Raiser for Hurricane Harvey
John Gomes Elementary

 Dear Gomes Families,


       As you all know, Hurricane Harvey has caused immeasurable damage in Texas.

       Gomes is always encouraging its students and their families to help and care for others. For example, Pennies for Patients was a huge success, and the result was phenomenal. The money we raised saved lives and helped many leukemia patients. We want to continue these acts of kindness and help the victims of Hurricane Harvey too.


       We strongly encourage you to donate; every cent helps! Remember, if we “Donate together, we can stop Harvey forever!”



Student Council Officers


Days to Donate:

From September 21(Thursday) to September 29 (Friday) (not including weekends)


Ways to Donate:

  1. Give your money to your teacher
  2. Donate at the setup booths in the morning from 8:15 to 8:30 am at the picnic benches and near the third grade playground.