PTA Volunteers

Join the PTA Volunteers committee as a Volunteer if you want to be notified of any volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Volunteer opportunities can range from one hour the entire year to one hour a week, depending on the program or event. 

Positions (1/7 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 2 / 2

Volunteer Signed Up: 89 / 250

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Docents Signed Up: 7 / 30

Help teach FAME, Music for Minors II in the classrooms
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Event Helpers Signed Up: 11 / 100

Setup or coordination of PTA events
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Lunchtime Help Signed Up: 1 / 5

Supervise students during lunch
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Virtual / Remote Help Signed Up: 18 / 20

Assist with anything that can be done remotely
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Health and Safety Signed Up: 2 / 10

Assist with any Health and Safety preparations for school, including disaster drills and emergency supplies.
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