5th Grade Mixer 7-8:30pm @JWMS
Fri, May 17
John Witherspoon Middle School

There will be a list at the door for your child to be signed in.  Once you have signed in your child, you will be escorted to the cafeteria where you will be divided into groups and then given a personal-group tour of the school by the 8th-grade Peer Group. After your tour, you will be escorted back to the cafeteria where you will meet/mingle with JW PTO and other parents.  FYI, one of the presidents is former JP parent, Mara Olmstead

Sue Evans is organizing a group of chaperones (veteran JW parents) for the Mixer.  She, the volunteers, and I will be in/around the Mixer so the children will have adults they know present all night.  5th graders should wear whatever they are comfortable wearing to a school function.

Once you are done, you (or a designated person) MUST sign out your child.