A Message from Dr. Ginsberg - Before & After Care RFP Award Committee
Mon, Apr 13 11:29pm

Dear JP Parent:


Our district will shortly interview several service providers for possible before- and after-school care at our four elementary schools beginning next Sep.  (This doesn’t mean we’ll actually have before-school care, as it will depend on a bunch of factors, but I assume we’ll continue after-school care.)


District officials have asked me to serve on the panel who’ll interview a handful of providers who responded to our district’s request for proposals.  To ensure that we serve our families’ needs, please respond to both Matthew Bouldin, our school district’s business administrator, and me (our e-mail addresses are below) by next Mon., Apr. 20th.


Here are some things on which you may want to comment:


  1. If you’ve used the Y.M.C.A.’s MASH (My After-School Home) Program this school year, please provide feedback to us from your perspective regarding what has worked well and what the Y might do better or differently.


  1. If you were to need before- or after-school care for your family, what kinds of things would you be looking for in a program, such as, but not limited to, hours of service, what services the program would offer, what background and what kinds of personal qualities you would want the “counselors” to possess, cost, flexibility, etc.?


  1. Are there specific questions you’d like our panel to ask or specific topics you’d like us to explore?  If so, please list them.


Please send your responses to both Matt and me by next Mon., Apr. 20th, as follows:






Thanks for your consideration.  Stay well, be safe, keep your distance, and wash your hands!