A Message from Dr. Ginsberg
Mon, May 4 7:39am



Dear Friends of JP,


As we come off the most glorious two days, weatherwise, that we’ve had this spring, we enter a week that gives us cause to celebrate two set of folks so vital to our children’s success and well-being:  their teachers and their mothers.  This is National Teacher-Appreciation Week, and next Sun. is Mother’s Day.


Christa McAuliffe, the teacher-astronaut, famously declared, “I touch the future.  I teach.”  Perhaps, more than any year in memory, we understand viscerally what that means—what teachers do, how well they do it, and how vital their efforts are to our youngsters’ academic, social, and emotional well-being.


Thank you to all JP’s educators—to our teachers, surely, and also to our instructional assistants, child-study-team members, specialists, counselor, and techie—for the extraordinary effort and expertise that they’ve invested every day throughout the year in behalf of our pupils and that they’ve invested, moreso in the past two months in ways we never expected, to make our remote-schooling experience a viable and productive one.  I encourage the parents of JP’s youngsters, our youngsters themselves, and other members of our JP community to acknowledge our staff members with a comment, a note, a smile, a thank-you.


Of course, children’s first teachers are their parents.  We salute our pupils’ mothers, fathers (Father’s Day will occur after our school year ends), and others—guardians, grandparents, and caregivers—who nurture, guide, and model whom we want our boys and girls to become.  JP’s staff understand, more than ever before, the multiple roles parents play as they support their children in navigating the educational enterprise we call schooling.


Through Zoom screens, other platforms, conversations, and cooperative efforts, we’ve all come together as never before in service to our common purpose:  to ensure the happiness, well-being, and academic progress of the children whom we all love.  Let’s each embrace, acknowledge, and celebrate how fortunate our kids are:  They have cadres of folks committed to and collaborating for their success!


With appreciation for all you do,