A message from Dr. Ginsberg
Sun, May 31 10:20pm

Dear Friend of JP:


This has been a momentous week in America’s journey to, as Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed, bend the moral arc of the universe towards justice for all.  In recent days, terrible events have seemed to skew that arc off course or to have stopped it cold.


We, as a school community and as a municipal community—indeed, as a part of a community of the world—must resurrect that arc’s trajectory.  For, as has been said, “If we pretend inequities don’t exist, we allow them to persist unchallenged.”


That should not be our pretension as we educate our children at JP or throughout any of our schools; it should not be our pretension as we interact with one another as adults.  It’s time for those of us who are white to discard our non-racist attitudes and embrace anti-racist actions.


Our district’s administrative team will begin to address these matters with altered perspectives and renewed energy when we meet together on Wed. morning.  Likewise, JP’s Equity Team of educators will work to engage our colleagues and families in bending that arc.


We must overcome.  We shall overcome.  We will overcome.