Ask For Safe Routes to School, especially for the JP community at Rosedale crosswalk
Mon, Sep 13 3:48pm

Hi everyone,


I am posting this both as a parent who walks / bikes their children to school and as a member of the Princeton Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC).  There is a Princeton Council Meeting tonight at 7pm and are asking for your support to have a safe crossing at Rosedale and General Johnson.


Below is a message we sent to folks on the PBAC mailing list.






Please voice your support for a safe crossing of Rosedale Road at the Johnson Park School at the
Princeton Council Meeting, Monday September 13,
public comment period close to the start of the meeting at 7pm.

Zoom link:
Instructions for commenting:

A picture paints 1,000 words – and here are two! These amazing shots of some of the bike racks at Princeton’s middle school and high school were taken Friday. The new school year is underway, and many of our kids have decided to bike or walk to school. This is a smart move on their part: when you've had exercise before school starts, you arrive ready to pay attention, and that helps you be a better student.

We know that many of these students have been part of Walk & Bike to School Days at their elementary schools, and they learned first-hand the keys to walking and biking safely.



The Walk & Bike to School Days at Johnson Park School have been special because usually our Traffic Safety Officer Sgt. Murray is there to help students, teachers, staff, and volunteers to cross Rosedale Road. However, outside of the twice-yearly walk & bike to school days, no crossing guard has been assigned to the intersection at Rosedale and General Johnson Drive. It has long been a safety concern, and very recently push-button flashing beacons were installed.  Tragically a gentleman who was out for a walk, and pushed the button to cross, was killed there last month.

This crosswalk is also used by middle and high school students, as well as members of our community who enjoy the parks and athletic fields, and those who ride the 10-mile Bike Boulevard network.

A major project to improve this intersection and crosswalk has been underway but will take several more years to complete. The Princeton Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) has been asking:

– That the Rosedale improvement project be put on high priority;
– That the speed limits on this part of Rosedale Rd be reduced;
– That in the interim a crossing guard, or preferably a Princeton Police officer, safeguard the crossing at least at the arrival and dismissal of school.

You can support PBAC's requests by sharing your thoughts:

– with Princeton's Mayor and Council, through public comment or by writing to Mayor and Council members;
– with the Princeton School Board, through public comment or by writing to Board members;
– with PBAC at our meeting on September 20, or by writing to;
– via letters to the editor of local newspapers;
– at the public meeting on this intersection - date TBD.