Battle of the Green and White - first scores are in and....
Wed, Jun 9 6:19am

Good morning JP Parents,


Our JP kids are showing great spirit and sportsmanship!  The teams were neck in neck after the first day and each day the leader may vary.  


Remember the competition will continue until the final event, the 5th grader kickball game at 5 PM on Friday.  Please bring your children and join us at the amphitheater this Friday.  Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy some of the snacks the PTO will be selling for this event.  It was wonderful to see how talented, spirited and competitive our JP kids can be this week.  Come and join in the fun!


These are the scores for Monday:


Green 972

White 1,015


At the end of Monday the white team was leading with 33 points. Stay tuned!  We will update you every day.


Go Green!  Go White!