Be sure to ask your kids about it: Author Sarah Albee visited Johnson Park today!
Thu, Sep 20 2:53pm
Johnson Park Elementary
Today, all students at Johnson Park met and worked with children’s non-fiction author Sarah Albee — a visit funded by our PTO. Here’s what Ms. Albee spent the day presenting to our children:
Sarah discusses how writers choose a topic, and then delves into her research process, which often takes an “unconventional” turn, given the unusual slant on history that her books focus on. To demonstrate how stories from the past may be told from many different perspectives, she uses costumes, props, photographs, and volunteers to help dramatize what life in the fourteenth, sixteenth, and eighteenth centuries might have been like. Young writers also learn how a professional author faces many of the same revision challenges they do, and Sarah gives tips for improving a piece of writing and creating clear, interesting prose.
Please be sure to ask your child about their experience today. You can check out her books and background here.  And you can even see her again at this Saturday when she attending the Princeton Children’s Book Festival at the library.
We hope that our students are inspired by Ms. Albee to be excited in their research and reading of non-fiction texts!