Club Dismissal - Important Information
Sun, Apr 16 8:53pm

Good evening,


This is a reminder that clubs will be commencing tomorrow.


Starting tomorrow and continuing throughout the spring semester, we will have a new procedure for club dismissal as follows:

  • All parents/guardians will be required to pick up their child/children from in front of the school in person.
  • Instructors will dismiss your child/children directly to you.


Please note that the drive-through lane will be closed and parents will be required to park to get their child. There are typically parking spots available at this time as well as spots on General Johnson Road. 


While the bus lane will remain open, this is only for after school buses. Please do not pull into the bus lane. Also, please refrain from blocking the parked cars in order to pick up your child.


Thank you so much for your understanding. With many new club offerings and club participants, we want to ensure the safety of all students during club dismissal. Thank you for helping to keep our kids safe.