Club Registration reminders and openings
Wed, Apr 12 11:04am

Hi everyone,


This is a reminder that club registration is still open and we have several clubs still open:



Nature Writing * Now open to Grades 3


Rooted Writers offers place-based creative expression opportunities for children. Engaging with both the outdoor spaces around JP and our own creativity, we will make nature art, craft poems and stories, and play games that make a connection between the natural world, each other, and our rich inner lives. Participants aren't expected to be fluent writers but should enjoy the process of written expression. At least part of each session will take place outdoors, so be ready for all kinds of weather! Supplies provided. (Instructor: JP parent and journalist, Kendra Juskus)




Need to zen out after the school day ends? Join Ms. DiCindio, JP speech therapist with a passion for yoga and mindfulness, for an hour of fun yoga games, mindful coloring, relaxation activities, and more! (Instructor: Maria DiCindio, JP Speech Therapist)



YEARBOOK (GR. 5) $80*

Want to be part of planning the 5th grade yearbook? Join your friends and classmates in the preparations and fun! 5th graders ONLY. (Instructors: Jennifer Crowder and Sharon Vunk, JP Teachers)

NOTE: This course is five (5) weeks ONLY*



Build Your Own Escape Room Club (GR 4-5) $100
Loving to solve puzzles is one thing but imagine getting to be "behind the scenes" to create puzzles and adventures of your very own, this club will give you that chance! Work to develop your own story line and create a digital escape room to share with others to challenge their problem-solving skills. This club will require some background knowledge on using Google Slides or Google Forms, and a lot of creativity! (Instructor: Emily Reeg, JP Teacher)


The students who are in the club will pick a theme and will be guided through the planning process. They can make decorations one week, plan for snacks and make a shopping list another week, design a craft and make a supply list. The final week their work will be assembled so they can enjoy the party they've planned. Includes supplies fee. (Instructor: Emily Reeg, JP Teacher)


Please note, we will close the registration early (Friday) to allow preparation time before the clubs commence on Monday.  Please complete registration for your child before Friday at noon.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. As always, please 

email parent Sejal Shah <>, Jennifer Barthelemy <>, or Jasmine Saraison <> for club questions. 


Thank you!