Curriculum Meeting: Humanities (February 25, 2021 at 4 PM)
Thu, Feb 25 4:00pm-6:00pm
Johnson Park Elementary Zoom


Hello JP Parents! 

The Parent Teacher Organization Council is hosting Humanities Curriculum Meetings.

Please save the dates:


Keisha Smith-Carrington 

Supervisor of Humanities (PreK- Grade 6) 

Thursday, February 25th @4pm


Stephanie Greenberg

Supervisor of Humanities (Grade 7 - Grade 12)

Thursday, March 4th @4pm



We are also asking you to submit the questions we plan to present before the meetings.



  • How are students being differentiated this year in terms of their ELA skills and get the supports they uniquely need/at their level? 


  • In which grade do kids begin to learn to write an essay?  


  • Are kids taught how to read a standard question/answer paragraph (for testing)?


  • In what grade do kids start to learn grammar and sentence structure?  


  • Are there set expectations in each grade for how much writing/number of essays is expected?


  • When (and how often) do students learn how to write (and research) research papers (with footnotes, bibliography)?


  • When/how do students increase their vocabulary, including spelling of words, grammar and proper construction of sentences?


  • Aside from handwriting learned in Grade 3 so they can sign their name, how often is handwriting encouraged as well as note-taking by hand?  To master this skill, you need repetition over many years.


  • Do students do “dictation” where you hear something, and then write answers to questions about it or paraphrase and remember what you heard – memory retention skill?

If you have any other questions you wish to pose to Keisha Smith-Carrington please post your questions here before Tuesday, February 23rd at 10 AM:


Here is the link to the zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 868 6028 7518

Passcode: 022521