DJ James dance parties on the last day of school!
Sun, Jun 14 10:57pm

Dear JP Parent:


Our last day of school for the 2019-2020 academic year will be tomorrow, Tue., Jun. 16th.  It’s certainly been a momentous and challenging one.


To end the year on a high note for our pupils, we’ll host dance parties for each grade, according to the schedule, below.  James Myricks, our beloved deejay, will lead each one.


(For your information, we’ll welcome Mr. Myricks to JP in Sep. as a certificated classroom teacher.  We’re excited that he’ll begin his educational career as a member of our JP Family.)


Each party will last for 20-25 min.  Please note the time and link, below, for your child(ren)’s grade.  Of course, we invite you to join in the fun.


Questions?  Pls reach out to your youngster’s teacher or me.  Thx!





9:00       Gr.5

Meeting ID: 779 1755 4398

Password: 9EWH4b


9:30       Gr.4

Meeting ID: 736 6603 7681

Password: 5GE77C


10:00     Gr.3

Meeting ID: 776 5110 7114

Password: 7MuMst


10:30     Gr.2

Meeting ID: 770 2353 5652

Password: 2U15bF


11:00     Gr.1

Meeting ID: 781 1712 3965

Password: 0rG1uL


11:30     Grs. PK-K

Meeting ID: 760 6872 9658

Password: 9qRiHi