Don’t miss out on Gingerbread Turkey-Making Fun, an incredible upcoming Party Board!
Sun, Oct 28
Johnson Park Elementary

Taking place 11/11 from 2-5pm, Party #203 for Mrs. Freedman’s class only: It’s gingerbread fun, Thanksgiving-style!  Please join us with friends to decorate a gingerbread turkey. All supplies will be provided and you can take a lovely turkey home for Thanksgiving!  One gingerbread turkey per family; siblings and parents welcome to come decorate.

To purchase a spot, please follow these directions:

  1) Upload the eventbrite app to your phone or iPad, or go online on a computer to  Register and load in your credit card.  If you downloaded the app last year, please make sure it’s updated or it won’t work correctly.

  2) Under the search option, Search for #DrBobG and party board number. For example, to search for Party Board “203. Gingerbread-Turkey Making Fun” type in #DrBobG 203 (include a space before the party board number). You must do this for each party you want to purchase.