Family Field Day Changes
Fri, Aug 20 7:16pm

Dear  Parents & Students: 


This is to inform you that the Family Fun Nights planned at each elementary school during the week of August 23 have been canceled and re-imagined for a safer Welcome Back event for our students during the first few days of school. 


When the idea of planning a Family Fun Night came about, we were in a much different place with COVID. At that moment, we were experiencing a decline of COVID cases and the elimination of mandates that were followed closely during the school year. However, today, we are concerned with the Delta variant and certainly would not want to put our students and families at risk prior to our new school year.  


We are in the process of planning for grade-level, community-building activities at the start of the school year so our students and staff members can re-connect in a way that is safe and properly supervised to ensure that all health and safety protocols are in place and maintained. 


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we hope that the reasoning for making a shift in our planning is understandable. Your child(ren)’s wellness and safety are priorities to us as we begin a new school year together.  


We look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks. Enjoy the last days of summer! 


We look forward to hosting JP field days later this year when health circumstances are more certain.