Get to know your Principal - Virtual Town Hall with Ms. S for JP Students
Wed, Aug 26 9:00am - Thu, Sep 3 11:00am
3 days before

Dear JP Parents & Students,


We are excited about the beginning of the school year and our new Principal, Ms. Angela Siso Stentz (or Ms. S  as our children will call her).  


The JP P.T.O. is hosting a virtual JP Town Hall with Ms. S where our students can ask Ms. S questions via a recorded video and Ms. S will tell us a little about herself.  


Maybe you are wondering what your new Principal's favorite treat is or if she has any pets.  This is your chance.  We want to hear all the silly and creative questions from our JP pupils directly!  


Parent, please help us to make this possible.  It is super easy! All you need to do is shoot a 10 - 30 second video with your phone  where your child introduces themselves, tell us what grade they are in and asks their question.    Please use the landscape view when recording the video.


Once you have shot your video, please upload your child's video question to this link:


You'll find a list of questions submitted already in this Google Doc.


And viola!  You are part of the JP Town Hall meet with Ms. S! 


Please submit your video before September 3, 2020 at 11:00 AM. The P.T.O. will distribute this video to all our students so that they can get a glimpse of their new Principal.  We look forward to all your submissions!


Best wishes,


Elmé Schmid

JP P.T.O. Present


Leslie Fabello

P.T.O. VP Communications