Important News from the JP PTO
Tue, Jan 18 2:32pm

Dear JP friends,


In order to streamline Konstella announcements, we are condensing our news updates.  Here are important developments from your PTO:


1) New PTO appointments: At the December PTO meeting, Kathleen Brennan was appointed as co-president of the JP PTO.  She will be serving in this position with Elmé Schmid.  At the same meeting, Cathy Kurpiewski was appointed as JP PTO Treasurer.  Cathy is replacing Anke Kinski.  Please join us in congratulating Kathleen and Cathy and thanking Anke for her countless hours of volunteer work.


2) PTO Exec Board open positions: As a result of the new appointments, the PTO currently has two open positions: a) VP Special Education Parent Advisory Group; and b) VP Residencies.  If you are interested in joining the PTO in any one of these two capacities, please email Elmé Schmid and Kathleen Brennan at and  It is a wonderful group of people to work with.


3) Princeton perks cards on sale now: We are taking part in the Princeton perks initiative again this year and this time you can get discounts from over 60 businesses in the Princeton community all for the low price of $30.  Take advantage of this great opportunity here:


4) Important Board of Education Meeting tonight (Tuesday January 18, 2021): Are the ever changing policy updates about health and safety regulations leaving you confused and unsure?  Don't worry, you are not alone!  Tonight, at the BOE meeting, Dr. Helmrick will address the latest policies and everything you need to know as a parent with children in the Princeton Public School district.  You can join this zoom meeting at 7:30 PM via this link:


5) Stewardship Facilities referendum on January 25 from 1:30 until 8 PM: On January 25, 2022 from 1:30 to 8:00 PM, Princeton residents are voting on a very important issue  for all families with children in Princeton Public Schools.  We need you to vote!  The referendum pertains to a PPS resolution to access a loan of $17,500,000 to upgrade and maintain our school facilities that are currently in urgent need of repair.  Why should you vote?


  • Many Princeton Public Schools are in urgent need of necessary repairs to avoid further damage to existing facilities.  Johnson Park needs urgent roof repairs to avoid water damage and to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our children;
  • Only 20% of eligible voters in Princeton have children in PPS.  That means, that we need every parent possible to represent the interests of our children at this referendum;
  • By accessing these funds through government bonds (and the in the form of a referendum), the school district qualifies for $7,000,000 in principal and interest forgiveness through the state and federal government.  That is a significant portion of the expenditure in question;
  • You can vote through a mail-in ballot to avoid close contact with others or attend in person on January 25!
  • We will provide parents with further important information on this topic!

6) Upload your child's vaccination record please! Because of the highly contagious nature of the omicron virus, our Nurse Liz and the health department is having a tougher time than usual with contact tracing and assisting members of our community to make safe and secure choices.  You can assist Nurse Liz and the health department greatly by simply uploading your children's vaccine records on powerschool.  It takes only 2 minutes.  Here is how:


7) Save the date: May 6, 2022: Celebrate Bob Ginsberg Day with us!  Princeton Public Schools are celebrating the contributions made by Dr. Robert Ginsberg to our community and we are doing so on May 6, 2022 at 3:00 PM at JP!  Please mark your calendars for this wonderful event complete with live music, pizza, a community barbecue and lots of fun activities.  We hope that you all can join us!  


Best regards,