It's Time For JP's Annual Project CLAUS
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It's time for Johnson Park's Annual PROJECT CLAUS


In 1990, a group of Princeton moms founded Project CLAUS (Children Loved by Another Understanding Santa).  The moms realized that, while their own children would be opening presents during the holidays, there were other children, several blocks away, who wouldn’t be.


You can help!   In 2017, JP’s Project CLAUS provided gifts for 90  children.  Project CLAUS allows our community to provide a tangible example of love, and the project’s structure enables financially challenged parents to give gifts to their youngsters. This year JP will be proudly partnering with JaZams. Our friends at JaZams  will generously offer a 20% discount for any gift card purchased specifically for Project CLAUS.  Very simply, a $25 gift card purchase would carry a $30 value for the recipient.


Here’s how it works:


  • We’ll receive from parents of JP pupils who are in need a request for help in buying items their children would like for the holidays.  
  • We’ll post each youngster’s Grade on our Konstella website (below) and a Secret Santa (hopefully, you!) will fulfill the wishes of the child.  We have set up the sign-up so you are able to purchase a gift for someone in your child's grade! (We’ll keep  youngster’s identities confidential.)
  • Secret Santas will buy a $25 ($30 value) Jazams gift card for each child and deliver the cards to JP’s office by Friday., Dec. 14th.  Place the gift card in a sealed envelope and write on the outside of the envelope the child’s Grade. (Please make sure to specify you are purchasing the gift cards for JP’s Project CLAUS!) 
  • We’ll distribute the gift cards to recipients’ parents so that the youngsters can assume the gifts their parent’s buy with the cards came from their own moms and dads or the big guy himself, Santa. 


This is a great way to launch the holiday season.  In past years, we had Secret Santas buy specific gifts for youngsters, but we’ve decided to use gift cards to make giving easier for our Santas.  


If you’re interested in participating in Project CLAUS by being a Secret Santa, please visit the Konstella sign-up and select the child(ren).  We’ll add new children daily, through Mon., Dec. 3rd.


Thanks for helping to spread the magic of the coming holidays to JP’s children.  If you have any questions, please e-mail parent Lisa Robinson at <> .


JaZams Gift Cards - Kindergarten Signed Up: 10 / 13

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JaZams Gift Cards - 1st Grade Signed Up: 14 / 17

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JaZams Gift Cards - 2nd Grade Signed Up: 8 / 11

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JaZams Gift Card - 3rd Grade Signed Up: 12 / 15

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JaZams Gift Card - 4th Grade Signed Up: 11 / 17

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Jazams Gift Card - 5th Grade Signed Up: 12 / 17

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