June 2nd: No school
Fri, May 29 7:44am

Dear JP Parent:


When our Board of Education created our academic-year calendar over a year ago, in Mar. 2019, they designated Tue., Jun. 2nd, as a no-school day for pupils and a professional-development day for staff members because that day was supposed to be Primary Day in NJ.  The decision was designed to address security matters—to keep our youngsters out of school while many non-school folks were coming into our building to vote.


Although Gov. Murphy has since postponed Primary Day into the summer, next Tue., Jun. 2nd, remains a no-school day.  Teachers, aides, and service providers, except those at Riverside School, will be unavailable that day.  (RS started school a day late in Sep. because of the late completion of summer construction, so, at that time, our Bd of Ed voted to use Jun. 2nd as the make-up day for RS to ensure they met the State requirement of 180 pupil-attendance days.)


Please take the opportunity to enjoy (more) time with your family.  If the weather accommodates us, go outdoors (with masks and social distancing from those not part of your household).


Take care, stay safe, and wash those hands!