June is here: Planning for the end of the school year.
Mon, Jun 1 10:44am

Dear JP Parent:


If it’s Jun., we must be approaching the end of our school year.  Here are some things to help you with your planning and to answer some questions you may have:


  1. Tomorrow, Tue., Jun. 2nd, is a no-school day.  Because it was supposed to be Primary Day and our Board of Ed sought, for security reasons, not to have our pupils in school while strangers (voters) were coming and going, our Board designated the day for professional development for our staff members, which will still take place.


  1. Our district has continued to provide food for our families who may face food challenges.  We’ll continue to do so on designated Tue. mornings throughout the summer.  For more information, please e-mail JP secretary Michele Cowell, michelecowell@princetonk12.org, in confidence, or call me, privately, at 609-806-4240.  Even if you’ve not received food deliveries but may now need them, we can include you.


  1. Later this week, we’ll communicate with the parents of our fifth graders about our plans for our youngsters’ moving-on ceremony,  which will likely consist of a drive-through celebration on Mon. morning, Jun. 15th.  What we set up will follow the guidance that we receive from the State and from our municipal health officials, including all protocols for social distancing, limits on numbers of people allowed in one place, and so forth.  We’re holding off for as long as we can so we’ll be able to apply the most recent regulations.


  1. On Mon. and/or Tue., Jun. 15th and/or 16th, we look forward to celebrating the end of our school year with a remote dance party that our favorite deejay, Mr. James, will host.  (Thank you, Mr. James and our P.T.O.!)  Please  watch for details.


  1. Beginning on Wed., Jun. 17th (our last day of school will be Tue., Jun. 16th), we’ll invite families to visit JP in a vehicle to return JP or school-district items that our boys and girls may have and to retrieve our pupils’ belongings that they may have left in JP on our last day at school, Fri., Mar. 13th.  Our teachers and aides returned to JP two weeks ago, adhering to social distancing and other health-department protocols (masks, gloves, etc.), to pack each youngster’s items in a clear-plastic bag.  (Thank you, JP staff members!)


Here’s our pick-up schedule.


Pupils in the classes of

        Miss Julie                             Ms. Bongiovi                      Ms. Finn

        Ms. Maloney                      Ms. Freedman                   Ms. Heller

                                                        Ms. Kukla                             Ms. Moreyra

Parents may also retrieve belongings of older siblings of these pupils.


Pupils in the classes of

        Ms. Saraison                       Ms. Albany                          Ms. Eisenacher

                                                        Ms. Bender                         Ms. Lennox

                                                        Ms. Bustillo                         Ms. Lepard

Parents may also retrieve belongings of older siblings of these pupils.


Pupils in the classes of

        Ms. Park / Ms. Testa       Ms. Miller                            Ms. DeFilippi

                                                        Ms. Reeg                              Ms. Martin

                                                        Mr. Shore                            Ms. Vunk


Our district has established the following guidelines regarding what items families must return to JP:


  • Pupils who have JP or district computers or other devices may keep them through the summer unless the youngsters will no longer attend a school in the Princeton Public Schools (P.P.S.) in Sep.  In that case, they must return it


  • Pupils who have musical instruments that are from our district—those whose families are not renting them—must return them to JP if the youngsters are in fifth grade or if they won’t be continuing in JP’s instrumental-music program in Sep.  Instrumental music teachers will tell parents of other pupils what their options are.


  • Pupils, except fifth graders or youngsters who won’t be returning to JP in Sep., who have books from Ms. Henderson’s school library. may keep their books through the summer.  They must return them in Sep.  (Parents should keep them in a safe place and know where to find them when we return to school.)


  • Pupils who have books, materials, or other items that belong to JP, to a classroom teacher, or to another staff member must return them during our Jun. 17th-19th drop-off.


Families may come at any time during our 9:00-1:00 windonw on their appointed day.  An adult (not a child!), properly masked, should exit his or her vehicle and place on the outdoor table, near our cafeteria, any items for return.  Please tape to each item your youngster’s name and the person to whom we should return the item.  (If it’s raining, please plan to enter our cafeteria and place on the table that will be just inside the yellow exterior door the items that you’re returning.)


Then, please get back in your car and proceed to our gym’s exterior door.  Without exiting your car, tell our attendant your child’s name and his or her teacher’s name.  Our attendant will retrieve your son’s or daughter’s bagged belongings.  Open your trunk so that our attendant can place the bag therein.


  1. In response to queries about how school will function in Sep.—back in our building, a blend of in-person and remote schooling, or remote schooling only—our answer is that we don’t yet know.  We have district teams looking at various scenarios while we await guidance from the State and health officials.  As we consider those scenarios, we’ll seek to balance our pupils’ educational interest (including the benefit of in-person teaching), the needs of our families, and the health, safety, and well-being factors that will likely still pertain.  As we develop plans with certitude and detail, we’ll share them with you.


  1. For those of you who’ll have incoming kindergartners or have friends who have friends in that category, please be sure they’ve registered their little ones through our district’s website.  Depending on health considerations, we may try to have a kindergarten orientation (with distancing, etc.) on Mon. and Tue., Aug. 31st and Sep. 1st, during the week before school begins.  Details will follow.


  1. We’re taking advantage of everyone’s absence from JP to begin some of our security enhancements.  We’re currently installing new doorway hardware to allow our teachers to lock their classrooms from inside.  As well, the renovation of our vestibule to enable our building monitor to process visitors’ I.D.s before they can gain access to JP will likely begin before its original Aug. date.  And, in the coming week, we’ll install a new transformer to bring additional electrical power into our building.


I know that’s a lot of information.  As you can tell, a lot has been happening.  We’ll continue to keep you in the loop.


Thanks for your continuing support of our staff members and of your children.  And, as we head to the finish line, please continue to be safe and wash those hands!


Yours truly,