May 14th Note from Dr. G
Thu, May 14 10:10am

Dear Friend of JP:


As we approach mid May, we can see ahead to the end of our momentous 2019-20 school year.  And the close of our school year, like much else over the past few months, presents us with new challenges.


Here are some things for you to consider:

 1. As the weather grows more pleasant and our youngsters want to get outdoors more (and as their parents, too, want them to do so), please continue to review with them the necessary precautions of social distancing, using gloves, and wearing face masks.  With regard to the latter, here’s some information that you may find helpful.  Although the tips were initially put together to help children with disabilities, they’re useful for teaching all boys and girls, particularly younger ones, how to deal with these protective measures.


  • Within the next several days, you’ll receive, via the platform on which you’re reading this letter, an invitation to provide our teachers with input to their decisions regarding class placements for Sep.  We’ll invite you to complete a brief questionnaire about your child’s learning and your goals for your youngster; we don’t invite you to name specific teachers for several reasons, including the fact that, for Sep., we’ll have at least two new teachers for our homeroom classes.  (We discard questionnaires that include such requests after we’ve indicated that folks should not do so.)

 2. In anticipation of our need to prepare JP for the completion of referendum projects related to school security and safety (new exterior classroom doors, new doorway hardware to facilitate security lockdowns, and a renovated lobby vestibule to restrict strangers from entering our building) and a subsequent thorough cleaning and sanitizing of our school, we have to close down our classrooms.  Thus, beginning next week, Mon.-Fri., May 18th-22nd, and possibly going into the following week, we’ve asked our teachers who are comfortable doing so to come to JP in limited numbers during specific timeslots following appropriate safety protocols (maintaining social distance, wearing face masks and gloves, and so forth) to retrieve their personal effects and professional materials for planning for the rest of the school year, for summer school, and for our re-opening in Sep.


Our teachers will also pack into individual clear-plastic garbage bags the belongings that each child may have left in the classroom and pupil work that our youngsters or their parents may want to retain.  We’ll label each bag with the child’s name.  At a later date, probably in mid Jun., we’ll invite parents to come to school to retrieve, curbside, their youngsters’ belongings.


For us to accomplish these tasks, our teachers may have to reschedule some of the online sessions with our pupils.  We respectfully request that parents remain flexible in supporting our need to address what may seem like mundane tasks.  These operations are necessary and will take place at all Princeton public schools.


3. We plan to run summer school via a remote-schooling format.  Please watch for details so that you can enroll your child if he or she may be eligible.


Thank you for your consideration.  We appreciate your ongoing support.


Stay well, be safe, and wash those hands!


Yours truly,