Note from Dr. G
Sun, Jun 21 10:09pm

Dear JP Parent:


Well, despite the challenges you, your family, and those of us at JP faced, we’ve made it through this momentous year.  We hope you and our children have a restful, enjoyable summer.


Here’s an update on some matters that may be of interest to you:


  1. Steve Cochrane, our superintendent of schools, last week interviewed ten candidates for JP’s principalship.  All are current employees in our district and all are outstanding educators.  I know he expects to announce my successor some time within the coming week.  And, no, he hasn’t yet told me who that person will be.


No matter who the person is, I intend to work with hm or her to ensure the transition to JP is as seamless as possible.  We look forward to our pupils receiving the same excellent care, support, and instruction to which you and they are entitled and accustomed.  Indeed, nearly all our staff members will return in Sep., so JP sill continue to be the special place that it is.


 2  Last week, parents came to JP on Wed., Thu., and Fri. to retrieve their children’s belongings—the lunchboxes, backpacks, sweatshirts, and so forth—that our boys and girls left in school on Fri., Mar. 13th, when we all thought we’d be out of school for maybe two weeks; they also returned to us items that belong to JP or our school system, such as musical instruments that families rented or borrowed, teachers’ materials that our staff members lent to individual pupils, outstanding library books, and so forth.  We enjoyed seeing those folks and exchanging possessions with them.


We still have items in our gym that parents haven’t yet picked up.  Please arrange to do so on Mon. through Fri. of this week, Jun. 22nd through Jun. 26th, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.


Kindly call ahead to us—609-806-4240—as you leave your home so that you can tell us approximately when you’ll be arriving at JP.  If no one is out front waiting for you, call again and let us know you’re present.


Please drive up adjacent to our gym’s external door.  As you’ll note when you drive up to JP, construction of our new, more secure main entrance is underway, so you can’t gain admission to our building.


Please remain in your car.  Either Michele, Marilou, another colleague, or I shall greet you, take from you whatever JP items you may have for return, and retrieve your family’s belongings.  Kindly wear a mask, as we’ll be doing, for we continue to follow safety protocols.


 3. Some time this week, you’ll receive a survey (yes, another one!) to ascertain your current thinking about Sep.’s schooling options.  Your responses will help us begin to refine some of the planning we’ve already done.  Please reply promptly.


Then, in late Jul. or early Aug., you’ll receive another survey.  At that time, we’ll have more detailed options in place and we’ll again seek your input regarding them.   When you receive that survey, please answer that one, too, in a timely manner.


Thank you for your patience, kindness, and support throughout these challenging months.  Our colleagues districtwide are meeting (well, Zooming) to plan for whatever situation confronts us in Sep.


I plan to be available throughout the summer.  You can continue to reach me by e-mail at or by telephone at JP (609-806-4240), although we don’t yet know when Michele and Marilou will work from home or at JP, so telephone calls may go unanswered for a few days if, with the construction in our office, no one is able to check voice messages.


Please enjoy the summer days.  Send my regards to your child(ren), and know that I’ll continue to serve JP.


Yours truly,