October Hybrid or Remote Information Needed
Mon, Sep 14 9:16pm

Dr G posted a letter this evening

Ltr to Parents_9_14_20.pdf 

encouraging everyone to fill out their preferences for return to school.  I've picked a lot of the details below.  The main call to action is to fill out the form if you have not yet done so by Thursday Sept 17th, 1am. 



As of noon today, Mon., Sep. 14th, about 800 parents have still not responded to our request to identify 

  • Which model—hybrid schooling (part in-person, part remote) or all-remote schooling (at least through Thanksgiving)—parents want for their child(ren).
  • If parents will waive their transportation privileges.
  • If parents of pupils in grs. PK-5 need childcare help.


This is our last request for parents to indicate their preferences. Parents have until 1 a.m. on Thu., Sep. 17th to share their choices with us


For those children for whom we’ve not received any information by Thu. morning, we’ll place them in Cohort C, meaning that they’ll participate in remote-only schooling till at least Thanksgiving. As such, they won’t require transportation and we won’t have to assist with childcare.