Party Boards are now open!
Sun, Oct 20 2:33pm

Thank you to all of our families who attended the PTO Fall Harvest Fest this Saturday and those who purchased proxy tickets. The Party Boards are now open to the rest of the school on eventbrite.   In order to access the parties you would like to buy, log on to and search for the hashtag #NotoriousDrG 

Then all 29 parties will show up and you can buy your spots at parties. If you cannot find the parties, please make sure that your location is set to Princeton, NJ. 


You can also search by party number referenced in the party board booklet that went home in the backpacks and is uploaded below.  For instance, if you want to buy party number #101 or "Games with Ginsberg," then enter "#NotoriousDrG 101" in the search function. Please note you must leave a space between #NotoriousDrG and the party number when you enter it into the search function. 


Many of our parties are limited in spots. Many sold out on Saturday night, but if a party you want is sold out then waitlists will be created automatically by eventbrite and please place yourself on the waitlist. People are often taken off waitlists.


Thank you for your support and have fun at the parties!