Reminder: Deadline for Harvest Fest Pub Trivia Night tickets is tomorrow!
Thu, Oct 10 1:10pm

The deadline to purchase tickets to this year's Harvest Fest Pub Trivia Night is tomorrow. 

 If you haven't purchased tickets for our event, please do so here by tomorrow's deadline:


Pub Trivia Night will feature Party Board sign up, full buffet dinner and drinks, followed by Pub Trivia hosted by JP Parent and Jeopardy Tournament of Champions contestant Gilbert Collins! 


If you can't attend the event, you can purchase a proxy ticket and a link will be sent to you the night of the party with a code to purchase parties on the night of pub trivia night ahead of the general release date. 


We hope you enjoyed browsing all of the great parties that we are offering at this year's Harvest Fest Pub Trivia Night! The Party Board packet detailing all of the parties that will be available for purchase at our event is attached below for your reference. 



*Please note that the date of the party #305, Guided Wine Tasting with Princeton Corkscrew was printed with the wrong month in the packet that went in the backpack today. The correct date of that party is Saturday, April 25th, 2020.

*Two additional staff hosted parties have been added to our packet: #112 Hiking with Hellers hosted by Ms. Heller and Mr. Nick and #113 A Mini-Golf Tournament Challenge hosted by Ms. Heller, Ms. DeLoca, and Ms. Parisi.

*Party # 311 Drums and Rum Caribbean: Winter in the Caribbean has updated host and participant info