Submit your question for our expert! P.T.O. General Meeting Fri. 4/5 (while your child is at Movie Night)
Mon, Apr 1 2:28pm
Johnson Park Elementary

Welcome back!  Hope you all enjoyed the week off.  We hope to see you Friday night at our evening PTO Meeting, which coincides with Movie Night (so you won't need a sitter!). 

At 6pm, drop you child in the cafeteria, then join the meeting in our library.

Want insight on how to best help your child with friendships?  

Kristina Donovan, PPS Supervisor of Counseling, will join our P.T.O. meeting to discuss how to encourage your child to have and manage friendships through elementary and into middle school and what parents can do to foster healthy skills related to resilience as well as conflict management (because we know that kids don't always get along).  She’ll share good books to read with your child related to this, as well as articles and stories that that illustrate the importance of allowing kids to feel some natural consequences (including not being invited to the birthday party) etc...

She'll also answer YOUR questions!  Please submit them by email to Lisa Jacknow at <> by April 2nd to be included.  

We look forward to seeing you on Fri!