Thank you Johnson Park! Your contributions and volunteer efforts make JP the best elementary school.
Tue, Oct 19 11:47am

Dear Johnson Park families,


It was so great to see you at our fall picnic last week!  This year marked the largest attendance to this amazing event - over 400 people attended both sessions.  Many teachers stopped by and our principal Ms. S, Ms. Marilou and Ms. Michelle joined in the celebrations.  Thank you to everyone who abided by social distancing guidelines and a special thanks to our facilities staff who made this all possible.  A big shout out to all our volunteers who assisted at this event. We appreciate you!


We have also raised over 95% of our dues drive goal ($26,687.25 raised!) - thank you to each and every one of you who have contributed to the Johnson Park dues drive.  We are off to a great start and it is all thanks to your generosity.


Many parents have asked us to extend the deadline and we have extended it to October 31st - we hope that with this extension and employer donation matches, we will reach our ultimate goal.  We have started planning to purchase the dues incentive this year - spirit wear for our Battle of the Green and White in-house competition for each JP kid. So thank you to all of you!


If you have donated via e-check (by completing the online google form), you will receive a quickbooks link soon to complete this transaction.  If you haven't received it yet, do not be concerned, you should all have this link very soon.


For those of you who have asked for the extension, you can still contribute either online (select the "fundraising" button at the top bar and click on the "dues drive" post - select the method you want to donate and viola!  You can also send in checks to the school in an envelope made out to "JP PTO Dues Drive" and we will mark your donation online.  


Each donor is entitled to a tax deduction for their dues drive contribution.  You can access proof of this donation by clicking on "fundraising", selecting the "dues drive" and under your donation, selecting "receipt".  If you have trouble printing your receipt, please do not hesitate to message me.


Lastly, but very importantly, a big shoutout to our VPs Events, Haye Lee and Joel Barker, who arranged the fall picnic!  Thank you too, to Mr. M whose tunes raised this event to a whole new level.


Warm fall wishes,


Elmé Schmid