Thursday Curbside Drop-Off & Pick-Up / Photos included
Wed, Mar 25 5:24pm

 Drop-Off & Pick-Up -- No need to go inside (Please see attached pictures)


JP will be open tomorrow, Thu., Mar. 26th, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon so parents can drop off any materials they have for their children’s teachers and pick-up additional materials they’ll need for remote learning for the next several weeks.


We’ll have grade-level tables on the street in front of JP.  Each grade-level table will have individual teachers’ bins on it.  We’ll have resanitized all our tables and all our bins.  Parents can do curbside drop-offs and pick-ups so they won’t have to come into JP.


After Thu., it’s unlikely that we’ll re-open JP for several weeks.  I know Princeton’s (outstanding) health officer, Jeff Grosser, is discussing with our schools’ (outstanding) superintendent, Steve Cochrane, the likelihood that we’ll have to keep our buildings closed at least through Fri., Apr. 17th.


Thank you. Be well and stay healthy!