"Assembly" Monday at 1. :-)
Sat, May 16 7:51am

Hello Kaiser Families. 


We have a fun opportunity for kids in all grades at Kaiser to be part of a special virtual live "assembly" this Monday at 1 PM.   The "Eco Hero" program focuses on things kids can do to help the environment and is sponsored by Alameda County "Stop Waste" program.   Below is an email from the organizers with all the info.   I hope you can make it!


~ Dennis Guikema




I hope your family is staying safe.

We have an opportunity to participate in a virtual EcoHero Show program sponsored by the StopWaste Schools Program!

With The EcoHero Show, students enjoy song, dance, stories, trivia, and more. It is a live stream show, so all you need to participate at home is internet access and a device to watch the show, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. More information about The EcoHero Show can be found at the bottom of this email.

*Safety: Students will not be able to share individual screens or see each other. All they see is the performers slides and the performer giving the show.

To participate, just click the streaming link below at our scheduled show time and enjoy!

When: 1pm Monday, May 18th
Link To Webinar: Kaiser Elementary
Email You Insert To Enter Webinar: contact@mreco.org
*Webinar can't be accessed until we make it live at your school's start time.
*Students can use our email: "contact@mreco.org" to join webinar, instead of their own email.

We'll see you then!

More about The EcoHero Show

The EcoHero Show believes monumental changes begin with youth. We combined our passions for hip-hop and sustainability to create The EcoHero Show that uses music to empower students to become EcoHeroes.


Live Stream Show Overview Video: Click To Watch our 2-minute overview with clips from our past assemblies

Show Overview PDF: Click To View and read testimonials/see impact from shows