4/11/20 Principal message
Sat, Apr 11 2:51pm

Hello Kaiser Families:


I am struck by how different our lives have all become in a very short time.   How they differ is also very different, person to person, family to family.   We are all experiencing a profound moment in history together, yet our experiences are so very unique.  This is very hard, yet each of us also have silver linings: creativity, kindness, equity awareness, connectedness.  


On my end, I have been busier than ever and am finding a groove that works for our school community, my family, and me.   


Our family is mourning the loss of Trish’s grandfather, who passed away yesterday, at 92.   He lived a full and happy life right up until the end. He had a stroke, and while COVID-19 was not a factor, it does mean that our family will not be able to gather in person at this time to grieve our loss and to celebrate his life.


In all of this busyness, I did not send you my Friday message yesterday.   I’ll return to “shop talk” and my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday messages (and YouTube videos for kids) next week, but still wanted to check in with you on a personal note today.   Each of you are in my heart. Wishing you and your families well.


~ Dennis


(The Google Doc of this message includes a couple pictures of our Grandpa.   A link to all COVID-19 closure messages and student YouTube videos is here.)