5-5-20 Principal up-date
Tue, May 5 1:32pm

Hello Kaiser Elementary Families.


I hope this message finds you all well.   Last week was a very busy week for me with some major deadlines.  It feels good to be back in regular communication with Kaiser families.  For May I’ll be trimming my messages down to Tuesdays and Fridays.   


This week the district announced OUSD's Family Central, a new streamlined COVID-19 resource website which will be frequently updated.


I want to give a big shout out to Guadalupe in our “virtual office” who took on a lot last week as we closed out the end of the year without the usual resources at our fingertips.   We recently celebrated “Administrative Professionals Day” and I want to thank both Guadalupe and Gayle for keeping the engine room of our school churning.  


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  We have SO much to appreciate our teachers for this year.   It has been a very hard year: from the stress of Kaiser closing, to a strike, to the current COVID-19 situation.  Through all of these changes and challenges, one thing has remained consistent: Kaiser teachers’ love and support for our children.   Please join me in showing appreciation to them this week.


I want to thank the many families who responded to my request to take a minute to complete a confirmation of enrollment survey for the next school year.  Please see below for this important request if you missed the previous message.


There are silver linings to these tough times, and it is important we find them.   One is Oakland’s own Fantastic Negrito who produced this fun video.    VisitOakland.com has a ton of other local resources, ideas, and ways to support our community at this page.  


I made another quick “Shelter in Place” video with Zola recently for our students.  I hope you will share it with your child(ren).   Also, I have been loving hearing from friends all over the world who have shared their messages with our Kaiser students.   Please share these with your students as well.  Today we hear from Japanese friends living in Paris, Momo and Youme.   We also hear from our friend Susi who lives in the beautiful mountains of Catalonia.  Enjoy!   Here’s a link to past messages and videos.


Wishing you and your family well.


~ Dennis Guikema



REMINDER (from my last message)


This is the time of year when all OUSD schools ask families to confirm their enrollment for next year. Please fill out this survey (if you did not already do so) if either of these are true:

  • You plan for your child to attend Sankofa United next school year; or
  • If your child will be attending any non-OUSD school (charter, private, out of district, etc.)


You do NOT need to take the survey if:

  • Your child is currently in 5th grade (going to middle school next year); or
  • You have accepted an “offer” to another OUSD school through the OUSD enrollment process.


If you are not sure… please take the survey.  I’ll follow up if there are questions.  :-)