A Message from Hilary Jackson
Tue, May 26 9:00pm

Hilary Jackson began as a parent at Kaiser and once we learned of her incredible skills, we were fortunate enough to have her become an integral staff member.  Her main focus was working with students and providing them with reading and academic intervention.  She also counseled students and helped strengthen their personal social emotional capabilities. Hilary worked with teachers by  providing professional development in differentiated instruction and assisted in the classrooms whenever there was a need.  She was also instrumental in establishing our newest positive school-wide culture norms at Kaiser.  Hilary will be missed in a school setting but she is excited to share her upcoming plans with the Kaiser community.



Dear Kaiser Families, 


I was hoping this would be in person. I want to say good-bye and thank you. It has been a true pleasure working at Kaiser for the past 8 years. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent with your children in reading, brain support and social development. While at Kaiser my husband and I have been developing our clinic, PranaMind. I am excited to share we are officially opened. We use an individualized program, so that specific needs are addressed. Areas of focus are brain processing, executive functioning, visual processing, sports performance, attention, distractibility, hyperactivity learning skills, behavioral support and sensorimotor skills. At PranaMind we use a science-based approach to optimize brain processing though non-invasive treatment. Please visit our website: PranaMind.com. 

I hope you will come and see us. 

All the best. 

With much appreciation, 

Hilary (Mrs. Jackson)