A message from Sharon Virtue, Kaiser's new art teacher
Sat, Aug 31 4:25pm

Hello Kaiser Community.


It has been wonderful welcoming Sharon Virtue to the Kaiser community and seeing her dive right into supporting our children's learning, development, and creativity.   Please see the message below, including a request for some things you might have laying around the house....  These items can be left in the office.  Please label them clearly with Ms. Virtue's name or "art class".


Dear Parents of Kaiser Elementary School, 

My name is Sharon Virtue and I'm this years art teacher for your children.   The first two weeks I've had the pleasure to meet all the children.  One of the things I hope to be able to offer is ceramics.
A few things I could use your help with are the following. 
• Aprons for your children to wear during art class. Old heavy fabric shirts or T-shirts will work fine. I want to make sure to protect their clothing from paint clay and glue. 
• Table cloths. If we are offering clay and painting in the classroom I will need to cover/protect the tables. Any type of heavy duty plastic table cloths would be really helpful. I will need several to cover all the tables in each classroom and there can be up to 15 x 2 person tables in each room in different configurations.   
• Recycled plastic yogurt or soup containers with lids if possible. These are great for both holding tools or water. I will need around 30- 40. 
• Clean towels or rags for spills and clean up. I could probably use 10 hand-towels sized for each class or large towels can be cut into smaller sizes. 
For now I'm working with each child to asses their skill levels, provide appropriate activities in class and preparing them for more complex art activities in the future.
Thanks for your help to make things run a little more smoothly. 
Much appreciated, 
Sharon Virtue