Addressing custodial concerns
Sun, Dec 15 10:22am

Hello 2nd grade families:


I want to appreciate those who have reached out with concerns about custodial issues at Kaiser Elementary.  Please allow me to catch you up on the situation and the steps that have been (and will continue to be) taken.


Over the past 2 years, OUSD has cut several custodial positions across the district and has had a shortage of subs.   Kaiser has 1.5 custodial positions: a full time custodian (Alonzo Hardin) and a 0.5 custodian (a vacancy for the past year until filled last week by Tremaine Carr.)   I am happy to welcome Mr. Carr to our staff. He has a split shift between Thornhill and Kaiser.   


During the time there was a vacancy, I was disappointed that the quality and consistency of the night custodian “run” was below par.   I communicated frequently with leadership of Custodial Services and shared regular updates with staff through my weekly staff newsletter.    I continued to push for permanent and quality staffing while addressing the immediate needs.


With Mr. Carr now on staff, my expectation is that our evening “run sheet” is being followed completely.   This includes daily trash/recycling removal and twice weekly floor care in all classrooms (daily in kinder).   I am calendaring spot checks twice weekly and have asked Custodial Services leadership to monitor this closely.   Teachers can check in with me directly if there are any needs or custodial shortcomings and I will personally support to be sure they are addressed.




~ Dennis