California Dashboard and Kaiser
Thu, Dec 6 4:28pm
Kaiser Elementary

Hello Kaiser Elementary Families.


"The California Department of Education (CDE) and the State Board of Education (SBE) released the updated version of the California School Dashboard on December 6, providing school communities around the state a comprehensive view of how their schools are performing and serving students across a variety of measures."


While I question how "comprehensive" this measure is, it is an official and publicly available report of school success.     I am VERY proud of our school community's progress.   Our academic gains in both math and English over the  past two years have brought us from "yellow" to "green" this year!


The only area in which Kaiser is below green is for suspension.   It should be noted that Kaiser only had two suspensions last year, two the year before, and one so far this school year.   I am proud of the restorative approach we prioritize to reduce suspensions and support all students.


You can look at Kaiser's data report here.


Thanks for joining me in the celebration of our children and school's success!


~ Dennis