Clarification about media reports about Monday's lunch
Tue, Sep 17 4:29pm

Hello Kaiser Elementary Community.


You may have seen news coverage about a delay in lunch service that impacted some students yesterday.   I am disappointed by the inaccuracy of media reports and want to clarify facts.


KPIX reported that the district failed to deliver food to 100-150 students.   (The numbers in the headline and the story were inconsistent.)   In fact, a delivery issue did occur, and 20 students were served lunch approximately 20 minutes late.    Since this impacted students in K-2nd grades, I sent a message to the classroom lists on Konstella from those grades.   A quote from that message was used in the news article.   I am copying the complete original message below so that our community has the full context.


While I completely understand that these are exceptionally emotional times for our community, I am disappointed at how this incident was exploited.    We are much better than the ridiculous media circus that exploited this situation and took advantage of us in this very vulnerable time. 


Today I saw 5th graders work with their 1st grade reading buddies; I saw a 2nd grade reading workshop where the words jumped right off the page; I saw our Cafeteria Leadership Team 4th and 5th graders volunteer to lend a helping hand to younger students; I saw parents and grandparents helping out in classrooms, the library, and on a field trip.   In short, I saw a lot that actually  is newsworthy.    This is a testament to the resilience and commitment of Kaiser teachers, staff, families and students.  This is our narrative.  




Dennis Guikema



My message from  1:21 PM Monday.  Originally sent to K-2nd grade families.


Hi Families of Kinder, 1st, and 2nd graders:


The food delivery from the OUSD central kitchen was not delivered to Kaiser Elementary today.   I want to give a giant appreciation to our food service staff, Ms. Sharonda Johnson, for immediately contacting the central kitchen and notifying me of the situation.   She also jumped into action and prepared pizza that was to be on tomorrow's menu.   (This was the only food on hand and took additional time to prepare.)  


I want to thank kinder, 1st, and 2nd graders for their patience through this situation.   They had to sit without food while their peers ate, an unfair outcome of a situation over which they had no control.   When the food was ready, those students were given special outside seating for a "pizza party" and were allowed to join their friends at recess as soon as they were done eating.


I will be contacting the head of food services for the district on behalf of your students to ensure that this does not happen again.


Please let me know if you have any questions.   If your child was impacted by this, please let them know how proud I am of them for handling this situation with patience.  




Dennis Guikema