Family Pride Day!
Tue, Oct 23 4:22pm
Kaiser Elementary

Hello Kaiser Elementary Families:


Have you noticed that Tuesdays are extra colorful at Kaiser?    For years, Tuesdays have been "Family Pride Day" when many staff wear rainbow colored clothes or accessories to show our commitment to ALL families.  Students and family members are welcome to wear rainbows too!


You may know that Kaiser has a long history of being a "safe space" for our LGBT students, families and staff.   It is good to see that some others are catching up as well.  OUSD now takes a strong stance districtwide.    California law and California Education Code are becoming more inclusive.   Laws such as AB9 (Seth's Law) and AB1266 (School Success and Opportunity  Act) are making our schools safer and more welcoming to all.


Although the current presidential administration is seeking to roll back federal recognition and protection, Kaiser Elementary will stand strong in our support of ALL students, families, and staff.


In solidarity,


~ Dennis Guikema, Principal