Good morning, Kaiser Community
Wed, Sep 11 4:28am

I wanted to take a moment to reach out to everyone, as we approach the School Board’s vote on the proposed Kaiser/Sankofa merger this evening.

As we know, tensions are running high as we have experienced a roller-coaster of hope and frustrations over the past seven months, which now appear to be coming a head (unless the District changes its approach at the meeting again). Our children have also experienced a wide range of feelings in not knowing what the next years will hold for them, and whether they will stay together with all their friends and the faculty and staff they have grown to love.

To that point, I want to thank the many members of our community who have come together to participate in countless meetings, met with countless elected leaders, made presentations, knocked on doors, built coalitions and given of themselves in so many different ways, in an effort to enable Kaiser to remain a place of joy, diversity and learning, for many years to come.

I also want to thank the many (a good number of whom are the same people) who have invested countless hours through teaching, volunteering, supervising, chaperoning, galas, walk-a-thons, bake-sales, library times and a million other ways, to make Kaiser a place that feels so worth preserving.

Throughout this process, many of us have begun working in partnership with others across the district in an effort to achieve greater equity for everyone. This is one of the reasons why we are choosing to wear black shirts at the Board meeting, in recognition that we are all one Oakland.

We have also come to see that with the rich diversity of our community comes diverse thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas. Therefore, however the vote goes, I am committed to creating space for open and compassionate dialog, so that we can continue to maintain the loving community that we have all invested so much in creating. I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can best achieve that. Please feel to reach out to me via Konstella or just grab me in the halls. 

With gratitude,

Sarah Isaacs

PTA President