Important: Dates & times for pick up & drop off of materials from Kaiser Elementary
Fri, May 22 2:45pm

Hello Kaiser Elementary Families.


The week ahead will be bitter-sweet.    We celebrate the promotion of our 5th graders to middle school and others advancing a grade.  Despite a year of epic hurdles, our children learned and grew a lot thanks to your exceptional support and the unwavering commitment of Kaiser teachers.    While we have much to celebrate, we also sadly say goodbye to our campus and to Kaiser Elementary.    


This week is our chance to both say “farewell” and to tie up loose ends.   As I announced last week, there will be specific days and times for you to both pick up and drop off items to teachers and to the school.  As a reminder, these days and times are below:


  • Tuesday, May 26.  Kinder 1-2 PM.   1st Grade 2-3 PM.  
  • Wednesday, May 27.  2nd grade 1-2 PM.   3rd Grade 2-3 PM. 
  • Thursday, May 28   Ms. Thomas & Ms. Eckley 1-2 PM.   Mr. Neat 2-3 PM. 


This will be a curbside pick-up and drop-off.   Teachers will be at the stations on this map.  Please note that for safety reasons, students and families may not be on campus at other times and should remain in their cars at this designated time.


All teachers have organized and bagged students’ personal items from their desks and cubbies.   Our art teacher, Ms. Sharon, has included a gift pack of art supplies for all kiddos.  If your child had medications at school, these will also be delivered by teachers.  


Children are encouraged to attend, but must stay in the car with you.   Feel free to make signs, decorate your car, and show your appreciation to teachers and staff.


Please come prepared to drop off all of the following:

  • Textbooks, classroom books, or other classroom items to teachers.
  • Kaiser library books to a special station.
  • (4th/5th grade) instruments to a special station.
  • Loaned Chromebooks (don’t forget the cord!) to a special station.


Looking forward to seeing you next week!


~ Dennis Guikema, Principal