Information and Resources
Sat, Nov 2 10:39am

Hello Kaiser Elementary Family!


At the end of a long week, the PTA Board wanted to recap some important information, and resources for navigating the next few months and beyond.


As you are aware, the formal design process for the merger of Kaiser and Sankofa is underway, and information on the process to date can be found at  More information will be shared as it becomes available, and official updates will be sent in the Pink Panther and via Konstella.


If you are interested in learning more about Oakland Not For Sale, which is a coalition of Oakland parents, teachers, students and community members who demand that OUSD: put a moratorium on all  school closures until after the vote on the Schools and Communities First Act in November 2020; disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline by not funding the Alameda County probation camp while starving traditional public schools; stop the charter school takeover by reversing Board Policy 6006; and involve the people of Oakland in reforming and making decisions around OUSD finances, please visit


There is also an informal group of Kaiser families who oppose school closures and at the same time want to think collaboratively with the Kaiser community about plans for next year, should the reversal of BP 6006 not happen before then.  The group is exploring a merged Kaiser/Sankofa school as one of the options, and started a Slack workspace for people to connect, chat, and stay up to date on any shared activities.  You can find more information about that here:   Some of those folks helped to organize the delightful picnic with Kaiser and Sankofa families last Saturday, which was attended by 100-150 people throughout the afternoon.


For those looking into options in other schools throughout OUSD, the enrollment window is opening on Monday, November 4, and will run through February 7, 2020.  Many schools now have tour schedules posted, so please visit the individual school websites for dates and details.  District information and application details can be found at: