KAISER ALIVE! Shelter-in-Place Edition (DUE: May 22, 2020)
Fri, May 1 2:59am

Hello Kaiser Families, 

Although we are sorry to share that we had to cancel the KAISER ALIVE! Picnic (for now), that won't stop us from having fun!! 

Instead we present the KAISER ALIVE Shelter-in-Place Edition, just in time for the weekend! It is jam-packed full of fun and healthy activities for students to enjoy independently and with their families!  Special thanks goes to Kerry Linetzky for also adding Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tools to help support kids through this challenging time. 

Please note that we will not be printing hard copies this year. Instead it is attached as  a Word document to this message so that kids can just type in their answers. (I also encourage teachers to distribute them directly to students via whatever mode of communication their classes are using.) Parents and guardians are  also welcome to type in your names or initials to sign off on each activity. No need for actual signatures.

Please also note that this one is much longer that prior years. If your child can't get to everything, just encourage them to pick what looks fun! As always, we plan to award prizes to the top point earners.  We also plan to honor all participants that do any of the activities and turn in their booklet.

To qualify, please email your booklets to Mr. Oscar by May 22, 2020:  oscar.campos@ousd.org.

Thank you and stay healthy!