Kaiser Alive Winners
Tue, May 26 11:33am

Hello Kaiser Students and Families,

Thank you to those students that participated in the Kaiser Alive 2020 :Shelter in Place Quarantine Edition.  This year was obviously way different, but thank you for participating  and we hope it made your days indoors a little bit more fun.  Here are our Kaiser Alive winners...

1. Mila Boyden (4th, Eckley) 335pts
2. Dominic Korber (4th, Thomas) 330pts
3. Kaili Wood (4th, Thomas) 225pts
4. Jack Peek (3rd, Hunter) 150pts
5. Natasha Boyden (1st, Araki) 105pts
6. Miles Rowley (4th, Eckley) 90pts
7. Owseli Elenes (4th, Eckley) 
Parents of Kaiser Alive winners, I will be contacting you to confirm your email for your child to receive  an e-gift card award.  Thank you!