Kaiser Elementary & all OUSD schools closed through Spring Break: Robo-call transcript
Fri, Mar 13 11:13am

Below is the transcript of a robocall that I sent to Kaiser Elementary families earlier today.

~ Dennis Guikema, Principal



Hello Kaiser Elementary Families.


OUSD announced this morning that all schools, including Kaiser Elementary, will be closed as of the end of the day today through Spring Break as a precaution to limit the spread of the coronavirus.  We will open again on Monday, April 6, unless otherwise notified. Today’s dismissal and Adventure Time afternoon schedule is unchanged.


During this time, there will be daily Konstella and occasional robo-call communication from me.   Teachers will reach out electronically to all families with classroom resources as well. All OUSD employees will be paid during this time.   Our PTA paid employees will also have paid opportunities to support with distance learning and other projects.


We will share this information with our students today in each classroom after lunch, using our Socio-Emotional Learning best practices. 


No later than Tuesday we will be sharing a continuation of learning plan with all families via Konstella and directly from your child’s teachers.   This can not fully replace classroom instruction, but it is intended to provide on-going learning resources for your child.


I recognize that this will be a hardship on many families in our school and broader community.   This is a very stressful time when we need to look out for one another, show kindness, and stay safe.   In my daily communications, I will be sharing school and community resources. This will include OUSD school locations that will be open at specific times to children and families to receive take-home meals. 


I will be canceling my 2-5 PM office hours this afternoon in order to support teachers in preparing for the weeks ahead.   I will be catching up on individual family communications during the week next week.  


Thank you,


Dennis Guikema, Principal