Kaiser Elementary WILL be open tomorrow
Wed, Oct 9 1:51pm

Hello Kaiser Elementary Community.   


Kaiser Elementary has not been impacted by power outages and WILL be open tomorrow.


Below is a transcript of a robocall that will go this evening.   Also, here is a link to a memo from OUSD regarding outages.  


~ Dennis


Hello Kaiser Elementary Community.


I’m calling to confirm that Kaiser WILL be open tomorrow.   The immediate area around Kaiser is not expected to have a power outage any time tomorrow.   As long as there continues to be outages that impact any part of Oakland, I will keep you informed daily, or more often if necessary.


Should an unexpected or unplanned power outage happen during the day there is a plan in place that will ensure student safety at Kaiser and provide you with communication.


Power has been out in several Oakland neighborhoods.   If this impacts your family, and there is anything we can do to help as a school community, please contact the office.   Please be aware that traffic signals may be out in affected areas, and please drive with extra caution.  


You can get up-to-date information about any possible school closures of other OUSD schools at ousd.org.


As an aside, the Bently school, one block from Kaiser, was closed today.  This was NOT because of safety concern at this campus, but because there was no power at their high school on the other side of the tunnel.  


Please give the Kaiser Elementary office a call if you have any questions.


Again, Kaiser Elementary is NOT affected by power outages and WILL be open tomorrow.


Thank you.

Dennis Guikema, Principal.